Man Utd will still win 2017-2018 EPL – Prophet predicts


    Charismatic Prophetic Mysteries International leader Never Nyamutamba yesterday evening gave bold predictions about the upcoming 2017-18 season even allaying Barcelona fans’ fears ahead of Neymar’s departure.

    About 2,000 people came to the all night fund raising event where Nyamutamba preached on a sermon he titled “Mystery of a Spiritual man”. Then came the hour all where waiting for

    “2017-18 season i hear people talk of Manchester City saying they expect it to win, i’m not an analyst, what i saw in the spirit was Manchester United not City. United have greater grace to win league than City, unfortunately as prophets we not moved by the opinions, facts and reasonings of intellectuals, but by revelations of the spiritual”, he said drawing cheers from the majority of crowd who seemed to be Manchester fans

    “I see it will go to last day, very last day, its Manchester United and a mystery team, City will fall weeks before the end, leaving two to challenge, i saw a dramatic end to a season, very dramatic. It will seem like one is ahead, but there will be a twist, a dramatic one, let me take away part of your curiousity, top four is Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester, in no order but those are the teams you will see in top four” he added

    Turning to Liverpool, which he supports he said “Liverpool will do well,i saw clearly last year i told you they would lose 6 times to small teams and no big team would beat them. It came to pass. This time, i saw them not lose above four games, i saw them win not less than 27 games, and at home, they where difficult. However, they must pray i see Chelsea, Everton, Manchester United and Manchester City, i’m not saying they will lose but when they meet these teams they need special grace “, he said

    ” In the Champions league, i won’t speak further Spain will be there again, its not a secret. But England it’s your time, the cup will go to England, infact 2 english teams will make the semi final, a german and a spanish team “, drawing chants of “go deeper”, from the curious crowds

    “Concerning teams, i won’t give names, a lot of people complained last year saying i was been unprofessional, we had complaints others saying what we did was stiffling their business

    I will give you a sign the team that will win the league in England will start very well and after 10 games, won’t be defeated, thats your sign. In champions league, the team that will win Champions league will be from England, it will knock out a fellow English team and Real Madrid the champions”, he said

    My team Liverpool you will smile twice, i wont say more than that, it means something, i will specify further in coming days. In France, normal business will be resumed, the team that we all think, will restore their pride, but in Italy, old establishments will be shaken, its not easy this time around, its not obvious. In Spain, Barcelona will do well, but like i said last season that i counted 10 letters and i saw Real Madrid. It shall be again, i won’t say more, i hear Neymar is gone, but two new stars will be born, they will lead Barcelona in future glory, the signs will be seen this season”, the popular Nyamutamba said.


    Editor’s Note:

    This article was originally published on Thursday 3 August 2017, 09:42 a.m