Manchester United ‘couldn’t find solutions to control’ us – Jose Mourinho

    Tottenham Hotspur boss Jose Mourinho knows his team did something special in a historic 6-1 win over Manchester United at Old Trafford on Sunday.’

    “They don’t lose many matches historically at Old Trafford,” Mourinho said. “To lose by six is not every day. Historical victory but at the end three points and a very important three points.”

    United controlled the rest of the contest after conceding a first minute penalty, quickly answering Bruno Fernandes’ goal with three in the first half-hour.

    “We prepared ourselves very well, tactically as well as psychologically, so ready that a penalty after one minute didn’t affect the team at all,” Mourinho said. “Some people can say you played against 10 men for a long which is obviously true but for me 11 against 11 we were playing extremely well and they couldn’t find solutions to control us. It was a really, really strong performance.”

    “If somebody can cry about VAR decision, it’s Tottenham,” Mourinho said. “Not just this season, last season. If somebody cannot cry about VAR, it’s Manchester United. The only thing I know is that we played extremely well. I told the players I repeat I repeat and I repeat was that good result would be to win.”

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