Marrying Duncan-Williams has been a blessing – Wife

    Rosa Whitaker Duncan-Williams, wife of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, has described marrying the General Overseer of the Action Chapel International Ministry as a blessing.

    According to her, the marriage with the man of God has expanded the positives in her life.

    “I think marriage was a fulfilment of purpose. I was alone for many years but marriage has expanded everything that I was doing in a very positive way. There was no substitute for a Godly marriage. I am happy to no longer walk this journey alone- although companionship and marriage took a long time to come together for me,” she told The Intelligent Lady magazine.

    She spoke to the magazine about her career, growing up from a challenged home, her education, accepting God in her life and also marriage in an interview captioned as, ‘A woman of Purpose & Passion’.

    It was arguably the first time Rosa opened up about being married to Duncan-Williams nine years after they tied the nuptial knot.

    Rosa Whitaker is described as a woman with solid educational background. She is the president and CEO of The Whitaker Group (TWG), and is recognised as a leading expert on African trade, investment and business.

    One of the heads on architects of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), whose persistence and work brought about this trade law, America’s first with African countries which provide duty-free access to US market for essentially all African-made products.

    She got married to Duncan-Williams some nine years ago after he divorced his previous wife of 26 years, Mama Francisca.

    Rosa told the magazine that Duncan-Williams has been supportive of her as a wife and a career woman and so she is to him. Combining work and marriage life is not a big deal for her.

    “Well that goes back again to purpose because I believe that God has to be the source and centre of any successful marriage. My husband, Archbishop Duncan-Williams, and I never disagree on this, so we commit everything to prayer. He is supportive of me and God’s call on my life and I am very supportive of him.”

    “I understood that if I married I would only marry a man whose vision I could support. And so I am married to my husband but I am also married to his mission. I support, protect and I’m fiercely loyal to his mission,” she revealed.

    She also advised single woman, saying, “Being single does not mean living a life of misery. If you are miserable as a single woman you’re going to be miserable as a married woman. There’s nothing outside of yourself and outside of God that’s going to make you sustainably happy. The motivation for marriage is often incorrect because people are looking for something outside of themselves to complete them or to give them happiness. Some women in particular want to marry because of cultural pressures or to escape a stigma associated with aging while single. Our satisfaction should really come from the Holy Spirit. Be prayerful and be your best self and that when the time is right God will bring the right person. Decide to live a purpose-driven life full of inner peace and joy regardless of life’s circumstances or your marital status. Instead of trying to find the right person, focus on becoming the right person,” he stated



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