‘Marrying Many Women And Owning Big Mansions Don’t Bring Happiness’ – Akua GMB Subtly Advises Dr Adonko


    Akua GMB born Sally Akua Amoakoaa who is the estranged wife of Dr. Kwaku Oteng (aka Dr Adonko) has sent a coded message to Dr Adonko in reference to life and happiness.

    According to Akua GMB, marrying a beautiful woman does not guarantee happiness and more importantly, owning a big mansion does not bring happiness either, so is buying a new car.

    To her best knowledge and experience in life, happiness is free yet very expensive, stressing that having all that one desires cannot bring happiness.

    In the video, Akua explained that the man who thinks he has found happiness marrying a beautiful woman soon sees another woman and he wants to have her.

    Akua said about the one who buys the car that though he has just bought the car, he wishes and looks to buy a new one. Akua also said some acquire a big mansion and the next day they want another one.

    Though Akua didn’t mention anyone’s name in the footage, however, critical thinking netizens are of the view that she is shading her ex-husband, and her former rival, Akosua Achiaa Linda, who shared a video of a big mansion recently.