Media must eschew corrupt practices – Pastor Ransford Obeng


    The head pastor of the Calvary Charismatic Centre (CCC), Rev. Ransford Obeng has called on the media to eschew all forms of bribery to be in a better stead to expose acts of bribery, corruption, fraud and dishonesty that are thwarting developmental efforts of the country.

    He said as the fourth estate of the realm, it was incumbent to expose all forms of corrupt and fraudulent practices in every aspect of society and that they could only have the moral high ground to do so when they are not tainted with such vices.

    Rev. Obeng made the call during a press conference to brief the media about a three-day Spiritual Empowerment programme at the CCC at Ayigya in Kumasi, beginning from Friday January 19 to Sunday, January 21, 2018.

    The three-day conference would be addressed by Rev Dr Mensah Otabil of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) at the church premises in Kumasi.

    Pastor Obeng noted that the media should not be exempted from the ongoing corruption scrutiny by society and urged the media to ensure that they played a pivotal role in eradicating what he called “cancer” from the society.

    According to the head of CCC, it is prudent for media personnel in the country to be circumspect in the kind of reports they put out for public consumption and ensure that the truth, objectivity and impartiality were their guiding principles in their profession.

    He encouraged the media to always ensure that the reports they churned out will not endanger the peace, stability and coexistence of the people.


    “Corruption has eaten deep into our society and the society is now being built on lies. A successful society is built on truth but in Ghana lying and stealing is what is building the society and this is the biggest problem in the country.

    “Pastors and members steal from the church, public sector workers are stealing from government and the same thing is happening in the private sector”, he added.

    He called for attitudinal change and adoption of good habits such as being truthful in every situation in order to build the Ghanaian society on the foundation of truth.

    He further called on the public and private sectors to join in the fight against corruption and make Ghana a corruption-free country in order to promote the socio-economic development agenda of the government.

    Activities of Fulani herdsmen

    On the activities of the Fulani herdsmen, Rev. Obeng appealed to the security agencies to provide adequate protection for the citizenry for them to go about their duties without any fear of interference.

    The head of CCC suggested that the Fulani herdsmen should be made to go back to where they came from as they did not have the right to operate in the country and cause further mayhem.

    Pastor Otabil

    Rev Obeng used the opportunity to commend Pastor Otabil for setting the pace for the establishment of excellence in private universities in the country.

    “He is a man of wisdom who walks the talks with the establishment of the first private university and this has paved the way for the setting up of more private universities in the country to promote easy access to tertiary education”, he added.

    He was optimistic Pastor Mensah Otabil’s yearly visit to CCC would assist in transforming the lives of the Christian community in Kumasi, tap from the wisdom he is endowed with and further bring them closer to the Lord.