The opposition in Parliament have identified with the words of the national anthem to protest disrespectful treatment by an overwhelming Majority.

While the House rose to sing the national anthem, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) MPs got stuck at the stanza that said: “And help us to resist oppressor’s rule with all our will and might forevermore”.

They stressed their newfound love for the words of this stanza as they repeated the stanza several times even after the singing of the anthem was over.

The Minority, many of whom dressed in black, seized the opening moments of the State of the Nation’s Address to engage in boisterous chants while the Majority MPs sat silent.

Haruna Iddrisu has already described the Speaker, Prof Mike Oquaye, as presiding over a “democratic tyranny”.

The relationship between the Minority and the Majority has deteriorated over the cash-for-seat report which was laid in the House Tuesday.

The Minority walked out of the chamber protesting that the final report did not include the views of the NDC members on the cash-for-seat committee that investigated claims that the Presidency was used to make profit at a privately organised dinner event for expatriates.