Miracle Lady writes: Ten shocking Qualities every woman wants in a man


    There are certain qualities every woman desires in a man in a relationship. These are qualities that can easily attract the lady to the man. I discuss below the top ten qualities that every woman wants in a prospective man.

    1. A Charming Woman

    Women always feel good and happy when their men are very attractive, charming and nicely dressed. They feel proud about them and can easily introduce them to colleagues, friends and family. Hence, women demand that prospective men they want to date should be very charming.

    2. Hard Working guy

    No woman wants to be around a man who is Lazy. A man who can’t provide for his family is seen as woman. Women feel insecure and sometime wants to call the relationship to a halt when they date guys who are lazy and can’t provide for their needs.

    3. An intelligent man

    Women want men who are intelligent, help them plan into the future, provide them with ideas, solve problems. Men with such qualities are easily adored by women and always think they are lucky.

    4. Great Communicator 

    Communication is the key to every good and a healthy relationship. Couples who hardly communicate to each other harbor a whole lot of evil things within them, they get glued to their phones, children, ex-boy or girl friends. Both men and women seek advice from friends and families instead of their spouses. They live in fear and insecurity and always end in divorce un-necessary fights and arguments.

    5. Money

    Women always want to feel secured in their relationships. They want men who can provide them with some of their needs and also be able to take care of the home.

    6. Sociable
    Women adore and cherish men who are sociable and are able to socialize with her friends families and colleagues. It makes them feel good and always want to be around them

    7. Men who are not STINGY
    Women hate stingy men. They like men who openly give monies for not just the upkeep of the home but also support them whenever they need help…such men are loved by women

    8. Neat and presentable
    Every woman wants a man who is neat, bathes regularly, brushes his teeth and washes his underwear. They dislike men who have body odour or smell badly. Women hardly go around these men and even deny them sex

    9. A man with VISION
    Women prefer men with vision to men without vision. They know they can build the future together and always feel good about it

    10 A listening man

    Women love to be around men who listen to them, take their advice, have compassion and are always ready to assist. And this makes the women or the relationship last long.