More disasters will rock Nana Addo’s government – Islamic cleric


    An Islamic cleric has made a shocking prophecy about the NPP administration saying that the Nana Addo-led government is bound to face major disasters should an emergency sacrifice not be made.

    These sacrifices, according to him, are to appease the very gods which the NPP failed to thank after winning the 2016 elections, According to Mallam Shamuuna Ustarz Jibril, even though these sacrifices are even made, the NPP administration will not escape a year and half of the anger of the gods.

    I advised government spiritually but the government turned deaf ears to the advice. The troubles are still pending till the next 2nd and half years.

    This government will be struggling with troubles until the sacrifices are done,” He said in an interview with Peace FM.

    The soothsayer has therefore predicted a more serious bout of power crisis towards the end of the year stating it would be the worst power crisis Ghana has ever experienced.

    “As for the dumsor, it will be more serious in the middle of November upwards due to water shortage from the Akosombo Dam and also the major electricity plant is going to have serious technical problems due to a serious wind blow, Tema and Takoradi plants are no exceptions. Allah knows best,” he revealed.

    Meanwhile, government is yet to respond to any of these dark prophecies by the Islamic cleric.