Musician’s are not womanizers – Ephraim

    Ghana’s favorite beatmaker and musician Ephraim has said he is not a womanizer neither his colleagues in the music industry.

    “No, we are not womanizers”

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    According to ‘where you dey’ hitmaker, it’s just a tag on them us womanizer’s but they are not: “just the tag on us that we musicians are womanizers, if a carpenter wants to be a womanizer you can’t stop him”.

    Speaking in an interview with Natalia Andoh on the Touch of Class on Class91.3FM explained that: “just that we are famous and we are in the face of the people all the time, sometimes women like us not because they want to date us,

    “but they just like us and our kind of work, so we have to be cool with them and that create the impression for people to think that we are womanizers, we are not womanizer” he stated.

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