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Saturday, July 11, 2020

MUST READ: This is how much you’ll PAY to get your face mask approved by FDA


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The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has released a statement indicating the amount of money one will have to pay to get his/her face mask approved.

Producers of the face mask must go for a full introductory letter

and complete an application form on the website of the Authority.

Producers of the face masks will be expected to pay a fee of GHC 2,150 and provide the Authority with 12 samples for an analysis to take place.

The breakdown is:

Registration Fee – GHC750.00
• Facility Licensing Fee – GHC100.00
• Listing Fee(Non Commercial) – GHC450.00

the product to be approved it should have the following features.

“To be effective, face masks generally must be able to filter out particles and still be easy to breathe through. In the absence of propylene, which is the common material used for medical-grade face masks, 100% cotton or cotton blends possess good material characteristics for homemade face masks. Recent studies/evaluations undertaken by the FDA on viable materials for the production of effective homemade face masks from local fabrics/materials established the following: Calico-Stiff (Hard/Medium)-Calico (three layers) combination is ideal for reusable homemade COVID-19 face mask” a statement from the FDA said.

On Cleaning of Homemade Face Masks, the FDA said:”Reusable homemade face masks should be properly washed before reuse. Used homemade face masks must first be disinfected; then washed with soap or detergent until clean, rinsed under running water; dried in the open sun, and ironed before reuse.

They should be routinely washed depending on the frequency of use or when saturated from condensation build-up from breathing, or after a contamination event”.



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