‘My blood will bring NDC back into power’ – Appiah Stadium declares


    A popular serial caller of the National Democratic Congress NDC, Appiah Stadium, is seen rejoicing with party supporters after his car and part of his house got burnt.

    The outspoken serial caller, has declared that, his blood would bring the NDC into power and that, he is ever ready to die for the NDC party.

    According to him, former president John Dramani Mahama, assisted him with a special doctor to have his first child.

    In a video trending on social media, Appiah Stadium, declared that, what happened to him on Monday December 11, around 12 am by one Nana prempeh of the invincible forces was comedy for him.

    “I am now coming to do more, the NPP thinks they have done something to silence Appiah Stadium.”

    “Let me make it clear that, when I die today, my blood will speak for the NDC to come to power, my daughter Juanita Mahama and my wife are for president Mahama and NDC.”

    “It is an hour for me to die for the NDC party. Even if they say, I should eat the feaces of John Mahama to make him come to power, I Appiah Stadium, am more than ready.”