NABCO is a SHAM; Gov’t taking state money to pay some people- GN Group

    Paa Kofi Asamoah-Siaw who doubles as the management member of GN Bank and Policy advisor for Progressive People’s Party has said the revocation on GN Bank and Savings and loans by the Central Bank for insolvency will defintely affect Ghana’s economy.

    According to him, they came to create jobs in order to transform Ghana’s economy.

    He described the revocation of GN Bank and Savings and loans by the Central Bank for insolvency as ‘Heartbreaking’

    Speaking to Blessed Sogah on ‘State of The Nation’ monitored by, Paa Kofi said their interest was to help small banks because the big banks were not interested. They came to help the small institutions with weak ribs to grow.

    He said, “the exit of GN Banks and Saving and Loans from the financial sector will greatly affect the economy, all these people will lose their jobs”

    He added that, “they built a financial railway line which moves money across the country, all these robbery cases that were happening on our highways stopped when we came.

    They gave their money to us at Agbogloshie, they have nothing on them, they go to Hamle, they get their monies, cross the boarder to buy whatever they wanted, so people didn’t have money on them…we solved athe national problem.

    “People keep saying jobs have been created, jobs have been created well, I can’t see them. As for NabCO it’s not job creation, is just taking state money to pay some people”

    When a gov’t decides that am tired, I can’t give this money again that’s the end of the project so sustaining job creation is what we were trying to do”

    Source: Ghana | | William Kabutey Dosoo

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