Nationwide blackout hits Ghana


    Majority of Ghanaians went to bed without power Wednesday night after what appeared to be a nationwide blackout hit the West African nation.

    The lights went off around 9pm GMT.

    The last time a nationwide blackout hit Ghana was in January 2016 as a result of system failure.

    The nation’s power producer, the Volta River Authority, transmitter GRIDCo and distributor Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) are yet to officially communicate the cause of the outage popularly known as ‘dumsor’.

    But Chief Executive Officer of Gridco, William Amuna told Joy News it is yet to ascertain the cause of the outage after spending the entire night in the company’s control room.

    He said the priority is to restore power to homes and businesses before any investigation into the cause can start. “We will come out with reasons later”, he said.

    The CEO promised, power should be available in three hours.