Declarations are a few hours away from us but supporters of some of the candidates have started early jubilations ahead of that exercise.

The supporters of General Secretary contestant, Asiedu Nketia, lead the early jubilations with National Chairman hopeful, Ofosu Ampofo and Samuel Gyemfi who is contesting for the position of National Communications Officer joining the fray.

10:31 am: Collation of results progressing steadily as the atmosphere begins to change from the liveliness that characterised it from yesterday to become tense one.

09:40 am: Voting has ended; counting to follow soon. This is after more than 15 hours of voting in an election that is arguably the party’s longest ever.

9:30 am: NDC Communications Officer condemns organisers of party’s Congress. Eric Adjei Says the poorly-organised Congress is a monumental failure on the part of the National Executive Committee’s sub-committee than steered the Congress.

Mr Adjei has also questioned delegates’ decision to grant the amendment of adopting a “special congress” into the party’s constitution without asking questions. According to him, delegates were not informed of the constituents of the Special Congress.

7:45 am: The queues continue to persist even though it’s been almost 15 hours since voting commenced. The situation has led to frustrations for delegates who are accusing the Elections Committee of doing a bad job.

It is not clear when voting will be over let alone the collation, counting and declaration of results.

6:30 am: You can’t take chances in the game of politics, at least that is the lesson the National Democratic Congress appears to be teaching at its Congress as they jealously protect the some filed ballot boxes.