NDC MP invokes curses on NPP’s secretary


    NDC Member of Parliament for Juaboso in the Western Region, Kwabena Mintah Akandoh has invoked curses on the Deputy General Secretary of the ruling NPP, Nana Obiri Boahen.

    Hon. Mintah Akandoh summoned the rivers in his hometown and river god “Antoa” to strike the NPP Deputy General Secretary “dead” for allegedly accusing him of engaging in illegal mining popularly referred to as galamsey.

    Speaking in an interview on Peace FM’s news bullentin at 12 noon, Hon. Mintah Akandoh narrated that Nana Obiri Boahene had smeared his personality and dignity, and so threatened to deal with the latter mercilessly.

    Mr. Obiri Boahen is reported to have accused the MP of his involvement in illegal mining, popularly called galamsey.

    This claim didn’t sink down well with the MP who swore to use every means necessary to vindicate himself.

    The NDC stalwart wondered why the NPP Deputy General Secretary would link him to galamsey when he has over the years being a crusader against illegal mining.

    “I will deal with him legally. I will deal with him spiritually. I will deal with him logically . . . If I, Kwabena Mintah Akando, have done galamsey of any sort in this country not even just what he’s talking about; the river in my hometown, ‘Antoa Nyama’, lightening should strike me dead. If it’s not like that and Obiri Boahen is peddling lies about me to disgrace me in Ghana, his river in hometown should kill him. Lightening should strike him dead as well. He should have an accident when he boards a car,” he cursed.

    “How can you do this? Because I’m an NDC member, you want to disgrace me. Why? What sin have I committed?”

    In a rebuttal on the same platform after the exchanges started on Okay FM’s Ade Akye Abia’ earlier, the NPP Deputy General Secretary would not back down on his claims but further disclosed that he has filed a legal suit against Hon. Mintah Akandoh to appear before court and answer questions on his involvement in the menace.

    Responding to the curses invoked on him by the NDC stalwart, Nana Obiri Boahen stated categorically that he talks to “level-minded people” which of course Hon. Mintah Akando is not one of them.

    “I don’t indulge in this type of gutter politics,” he stressed.