NDC race: Duffuor can’t beat Mahama; he’ll ‘struggle to get 20%’ of JM’s 95% endorsement – Ephson

    Former Finance Minister Kwabena Duffuor “struggle to get 20 per cent” of votes in the flag bearer race of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), polls Ben Ephson has said.

    In the view of the Managing Editor of the Daily Dispatch newspaper, it will be a tall order for the former Governor of the Bank of Ghana, who is speculated to be lacing his boots against former president John Mahama, ahead of the flag bearer race, to scrape that much of the 95 per cent endorsement garnered by the party’s 2020 flag bearer during their last time they had such a contest.

    Mr Ephson also told Dr Duffuor’s Accra-based Starr FM that the businessman’s age will not do him much good should he enter the race since, per his permutations, Ghanaians are not ready for a candidate above 70 years.

    The founder of the now-defunct uniBank has not come out to declare his presidential intentions but the media has widely speculated he is nursing such ambition and just waiting for the right time to make it expressly known.

    Some of his recent posts on social media seem to suggest he may be wanting to give it a shot.

    Mr Mahama has also not made any public comments about a comeback but his recent thank-you tours have given observers the impression that he is yet done with the presidency.




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