‘NDC sponsoring Fulanis to ROB Ghanaians on Highways’ – Ken Agyapong

    Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, the MP for Assin Central has alleged that the opposition NDC is behind the recent highway robberies.

    He claimed to have intercepted NDC documents that suggest the NDC will sponsor robberies to create tension, put fear in the people, attack the people of Ghana unnecessarily, beat the people of Ghana and organise demonstrations before, during and after the December 7 elections.

    “A hardcore Fulani rebel called Jallo Nagyinam has been hired to attack and rob only on highways and to frustrate people on the road to push the lawlessness agenda so there will be frequent highway problems to create fear and panic on the roads,” Kennedy Agyepong purported to read from the alleged document when he spoke on Net 2 TV Monday evening.

    He did not give a copy to the host to read nor was the document shown on the screens.

    He further alleged that a Fulani suspect accused of the murder of Ekow Quansah Hayford, the immediate past Mfantseman MP, had the cell phone of the murdered MP when he was arrested.

    “When [the suspect was] asked where he got the phone from, [the suspect] said, he bought the phone from someone who is also a Fulani. A robbery that has occurred on Walewale Highway was orchestrated by the Fulani [people]…,” Agyapong alleged.

    He urged his incumbent NPP to take him seriously because all the intelligence he is getting shows that “NDC is operating it ditto ditto and NPP are practising a democracy that Jesus and his disciples didn’t practice”.

    He explained that under the current NPP administration, some NPP members in the Asunafo South constituency have been shot at and nothing has been done to the culprits.

    “When we were in opposition, we were beaten, in government too we are being beaten…how can we get party members to be vigilant at the polling stations during election day?” he wondered. “No action has been taken and they are still in the constituency roaming around with impunity.”

    Kennedy Agyapong observed that he had been propagating on his TV network the alleged plans of the NDC since April and whatever he has said is unfolding.

    “The worst is yet to come in November… what kind of democracy are we practising, no arrest, nothing. If it was Kennedy Agyapong, you will get party members saying he should be arrested because they claim I want to be president…because it is not their children the party leadership and government do not care…” furious Kennedy Agyapong stated.

    He warned that the NPP should forget about winning the elections if the members of the party are not assured of their safety and security.

    “How can we be in power and be intimidated by a party in opposition?” he blurted out.

    “They told us in 2008 that there [was] a breakdown in security and still you are relying on security, wow! You people don’t learn…NPP we don’t learn. They [NDC] control the security every minute,” the frustrated Kennedy Agyapong alleged.

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