NDC will also use Special Prosecutor to jail corrupt NPP appointees – Koku Anyidoho


    Functionaries of the current New Patriotic Party (NPP) government have been reminded that the office of the Independent Special Prosecutor that has been established and assented by the President will be the same outfit they will use to haul them before the courts for their alleged involvement in shady deals and jail them if possible.

    “After four years when we also come to power, we will use the Special Prosecutor to haul them before the courts and jail them for their actions and inactions”, Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Koku Anyidoho disclosed on Adom FM.

    “So those who are engaging in corruption as politicians and have used corruption to amass illegal wealth should know that they would be dealt with when we also come into power”, he said.

    According to him, crime has no expiry date daring the current administration to go ahead and apprehend, prosecute and jail persons in the previous NDC administration it perceive as corrupt if it has substantial evidence.

    He emphasized that the law was not only made for politicians explaining pastors and journalists among others are liable to prosecution if there is enough ground to suggest persons in the stated professions are engaging in corrupt deals.

    “The law was not made for only politicians. We were in this country when pastors and some journalists engaged in crime so the law will be applied equally. Judges in this country took yams and goats so the Special Prosecutor is coming to prosecute everybody so I am not afraid. Wrong is wrong and crime is crime. If the Special Prosecutor was going to come from heaven that will be the problem but once he will be appointed by someone we are not scared”, he stated.

    “We thank President Akufo-Addo for signing the bill. It will go a long way in prosecuting corrupt officials. We the members of the NDC are not afraid of the special prosecutor and so we are ready for them. We will use that same law to prosecute them because we are not scared of them and I believe that we never indulged in corrupt acts when we were in power so there is no way to be afraid” he reiterated.