New TV series ‘Adinkra” to hit your screens soon!!!


    There are many TV series screening day in and out but this new incoming TV series is one of a kind.

    Philip Pratt Series titled “Adinkra” is a film on the betrothal of a young girl to a man in his 80s.

    Hell breaks lose when the girl is informed by her parents about the arrangements they did with the old man when she was still a child.

    According to the story line, the old man betrothed Adiepena when she was still a child.

    Adiepena grew up falling in love with Akwasi. Only to be told to marry the Oldman which was against her wish.

    On the other side, a poor photographer sacrifices his money to support an orphan he loves. Educating the girl, an old deja vu repeats itself when the girl sees an ex and turns her back on this man.

    This series was produced by Philip Pratt in collaboration with Isaac Naterh.

    Philip Pratt is a young director who has done many and positive works in Ghana’s filming industry. As and result of his hard work, he got nomination at the 2017 Nollywood Excellence And Leadership Awards.

    He was nominated for Best International director, best producer, best drama film Africa (July movie and Grilled movie) and Best Overall Drama (July Movie and Grilled Movie).