Nigel Gaisie breaks silence on AFCON prediction ‘swerve’

    “Point be made that no prophet see it in all, we see in bits and Prophecy in bits,” this is according to Nigel Gaisie after Ghanaians roasted him over AFCON prediction swerve.

    The Founder and Leader of the Prophetic Chapel Hill in one of his sermons indicated that the African Cup of Nations will not come to an end without a major attack in Cameroon.

    As far back as January 2, Prophet Gaisie said he received the clear prophecy at 3:am.

    In his words: “This is a prophecy worldwide. The Lord carried my spirit to a place like Cameroon, I saw players on a stretcher wailing, lamenting, and in pain. Let the nation Cameroon pray and any qualifying team pray.”

    According to him, the attack would be like what happened in Ghana on May 9, 2001, when 126 people died as a result of a stampede at the Accra Sports Stadium.

    However, the AFCON ended peacefully Sunday night, with Senegal clinching the trophy after trashing Egypt in a 4-2 penalty shootout.

    This has caused Ghanaians to once again descend on the preacher for what they said is a prophetic swerve.

    Reacting to this, Prophet Nigel Gaisie insists his warning of an attack did happen, referencing the stampede that claimed the lives of at least eight after the Cameroon-Comoros match.

    Also, the prophet included a new detail of how God revealed Senegal’s victory to him prior to the match.

    “For fear of Ghanaians ritualistically abusing me,” Prophet Gaisie said he had to keep the information to himself.

    “Let’s not hate our own, let’s not deliberately DESTROY OUR OWN…GOD IS WATCHING ALL OF US!!!LOVE TO MY MUSLIM BROTHERS AND SISTERS. BLESSINGS,” he concluded.



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