Nivea takes down skin-lightening cream advert


    Cosmetics giant Nivea has taken down at least some of its controversial adverts promoting skin-lightening creams.

    We reported last week that Nivea was under fire for marketing skin-lightening products in West Africa.

    Former Ghanaian reporter for BBC, Sammy Darko sent a picture today of an empty billboard where one such Nivea ad used to stand in Accra.

    British-Ghanaian musician Fuse ODG also posted a video in front of another billboard in Accra where he says the offending advert had been replaced:

    He says in the video that this is just the beginning.

    “This right here is a perfect example of when we use our buying power, our spending power, to say no… So now it is time for us to address the issue in our community, it is time for us to let our children know that it’s OK for them to be comfortable in their own skin.”