NLA, security agencies declare war on unlicensed lotto operators

    The National Lottery Authority (NLA) under the leadership of Sammi Awuku has announced it will from November 1, 2021, collaborate with security services to clamp down on all unlicensed lottery operators in the country.

    According to a statement from the NLA, the move is part of its measures to sensitise the lotto industry in the country.

    “NLA would like to encourage OPLs to take steps to regularize their operations. Effective 1st November 2021, NLA, in collaboration with the security services, will clamp down on all unlicensed lottery operators to sanitize the lotto industry,” part of the statement from NLA has said.

    Meanwhile, the NLA has announced the completion of the Pre-Qualification phase for licensing of all operators of private lotto (OPL) for the 2021/2022 licensing year.

    Before the collaboration with the security agencies to clamp down on unlicensed lotto operators in the country, the NLA has urged all OPLs to contact the Operations Office at the NLA Head Office, Fortune House First floor, Accra for Licensing Application Forms and Payment Terms.

    The deadline for submission of duly completed Licensing Application Forms and for making payments is October 29, 2021.



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