‘No bed syndrome’ killed Waakye – Maame Dokono

    Actress Grace Omabo aka Maame Dokonu is expressing her disappointment over how actor, Prince Yawson has passed on.

    The Ghanaian actor who is popularly known as ‘Waakye’ died yesterday at the 37 Military Hospital. Commenting on the death of her colleague actor, Maame Dokonu has revealed that Waakye wasn’t offered a bed when he was rushed to the hospital.

    Before Maame Dokonu’s comment, actor Ekow Blankson also told that Waakye “was rushed to the hospital yesterday after suffering from a mild stroke but upon getting there, there was no bed. Luckily one of the guys from ‘Obra’ who works at the hospital got him a bed after a while“.

    In a report by, Maame Dokonu affirmed the report when she said “at the 37 Military Hospital, they also had no hospital beds so he was attended to on a stretcher. Before they got back with equipment to attend to him, he gave up the ghost“.

    The Ghanaian died at age 52. The actor, popularly known as ‘Waakye’, has featured in many prominent movies in the Ghanaian space. In October 2020, the actor confirmed rumours of his illness but added that God has healed him.

    Speaking to broadcast journalist, Kofi Adoma Wawani, the actor who became a man of God, emotionally narrated a recent near-death ordeal. He admitted he was basically deceased and only made it out of the jaws of death due to timely divine intervention.

    “We had gone for rehearsals to prepare for the Ghana at 60 celebrations. When we closed and I got home, I started feeling uncomfortable. I woke up at dawn but didn’t look at the time. I realized my heart was beating and was sweating profusely which I hadn’t encountered before so I was worried.”

    The father of 2 explained that, when he got to the coconut seller, he bought 2 and drank the juice but was still not feeling well and so he relaxed on the heap of coconut behind the seller, feeling helpless at that moment, he said “The coconut seller then held my hands and told me we should go to the hospital, we went to the Trust Hospital at Osu and I must admit the nurses did a great job and I commend the coconut seller, he stood beside me till I was discharged.

    “I was in pain at the hospital from midnight till morning and I knew death had come. I lost my breath, and I knew my end had come,” the scriptwriter revealed.



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