Relationships don’t last these days because our generation doesn’t understand what it means to love someone madly. You and I are just too realistic for our own good and we don’t love madly anymore. No one is ready to be vulnerable by letting go of themselves. We have become too smart for ourselves and this is affecting our relationships today. We no longer want to be a fool for love.

I know how to love without expectations, how to give without demanding something in return and how to put others first is not in the blood of today’s generation.

Technology: has made it easier to cheat. By just swiping on Facebook, you get connected to thousands of new people around your city you could have a relationship with instantly.

These days everyone wants to be seen as a tough man and woman and no one wants to compromise. The modern man and woman prefers to take the easy way out by quitting instead of compromising. The modern man and woman see compromise as being weak. This attitude is making so many relationships fail.

The modern-day man and woman wants the good things of life. They devote all their time and energy chasing the dream and forget to love. These days people don’t have the patience to deal with all that comes with being in a relationship. They are just too busy that they forget to have time for love.

The modern man and woman wants a partner without flaws. We are always in a hurry to leave a relationship if we find someone we think is better and the cycle keeps going on. No one is patient anymore with their partner. No one is patient enough to bring out the best in their partner. We all want a perfect partner even when we aren’t perfect ourselves.

These days, sex is so easy to find and this is affecting relationships. A sex with a new guy or girl is always a phone call away. It’s easy to have sex without even being in a relationship with that person. This generation now considers good sex as a quality a partner should have so they go around having random sex as they seek for the partner who can satisfy them better.

By Nene Kabutey Dosoo