Northern vultures turn Bugri Naabu’s home into meeting venue – Koku


    Vultures in the Northern sector of the country have found a new meeting ground, according to the Deputy Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

    This meeting ground, he said is the home of the Northern Regional Chairman of the chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

    According to him, the scavengers troop to the home of Bugri Naabu and hoover around the building waiting patiently for their time to jump on the meat of the numerous ruminants that are slaughtered on a daily basis in the house of the NPP chair.

    These ruminants which are slaughtered on a daily basis, Koku Anyidoho said the bribes given to Bugri Naabu by persons seeking to have appointments in the Northern region.

    “Vultures from Biafra, Afghanistan and all the northern parts of the country have now found a new meeting place, and it is the new slaughter house which is found in the home of Bugri Naabu. They come to feed on the carcasses of the bribe animals which are given to him by people seeking to be appointed into political offices…,” he alleged.

    ‘The Bull’ as Koku Anyidoho is called said he was only inferring from claims made by the Gender Minister, Otiko Afisa Djaba that Bugri Naabu was now receiving cows, goats, kola and other things as bribe with the promise that he would aid thier political appointment.

    Otiko Afisa Djaba after a confrontation between him and the regional chairman in Northern region had accused him of receiving bribes from people.

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    The confrontation happened during a meeting with some women and the Gender Minister in commemoration of the International Day for Midwives at Modern City Hotel in Tamale on Friday May 5, 2017 was allegedly disrupted by Bugri Naabu and some party hoodlums over claims he had no prior notice of the event.

    Madam Otiko after the confrontation warned Bugri Naabu against courting his trouble wondering why he wants to use her as a cover up for his problems following his inability to meet a litany of promises made to persons seeking appointments after demanding bribes from them.

    “He has gone to take goats and sheep from people and is promising them positions. I am in Tamale, I never went to Savelugu but Chairman Bugri claim I came to disrupt the confirmation of the DCE which is not even today. I am the last person he will want to have his problems with, he should be very careful. He should not lie about me to cover up for his misdeeds. If Bugri wants trouble from me, then trouble will come”, she warned.

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