‘Now I am poor, but a proud born-again Christian’ – Moesha

    An audio recording between Ayisha Modi and Moesha has left many teary-eyed. In the audio, Moesha talks about her new life.

    This audio is the first time Moesha’s voice has been heard after her mental breakdown, which nearly led to her suicide.

    Moesha sounds happy and relax, contrary to her weird mumblings just before she was whisked away to rehab.

    Read the transcribed audio below:

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    “Ayisha, pray for me. I am here, and they are praying for me. But I am craving chicken and sausage. And tomorrow I want goat meat. Ayisha, God said I should tell you that you are pampering me too much. Keep pampering me, okay. When I get the money, I will buy a biscuit and Fanta for you, okay. Now, I am poor. I don’t have money, but I will get money soon. When I step out, I will do God’s work. You would follow me, won’t you, Ayisha?

    “Aiysha, thank you so much. I wanted to make you laugh. I know you’ve been praying for me. God should give you wisdom, knowledge and a discerning spirit. Solomon asked God for wisdom. You have a hardened heart. Relax, calm down. Do you know why you are aggressive? It’s because you love everybody the same way. So when you don’t expect them to do things the way they do. Then it hurts you but take your time.

    “See, when you were bringing Daddy into my life, you and I even fought over him. Rember, I said no, no, no. You didn’t take your time. You should have taken your time to explain to me. When you are advising me, please take your time. I want your advice but take your time.



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