NPP creating delusionary heaven on earth – A.B.A Fuseini


    Peddling falsehoods and imprinting an illusion of an overly prosperous economy and developed country in the minds of Ghanaians is the NPP’s trademark, this is according to Member of Parliament for Sagnarigu, Alhaji A.B.A Fuseini.

    Speaking on ‘State of Affairs’ on GH OneTV Tuesday, Alhaji Fuseini accused NPP members of making several empty promises to the Ghanaian populace since their assumption of power, most of which they haven’t been able to live up to or realized, rather he says, they have worsened the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian.

    “In the name of propaganda, they want to create the impression that, we have heaven on earth”.

    Citing the recent hikes in fuel prices among other things, Mr. Fuseini said “In the run up to the campaign, the NPP had gallons at their rally, gallons of petrol and diesel and asked Ghanaians, ‘at 14 cedis, can you buy? It is so expensive, this is the most expensive in the history of our country’ 14 Ghana cedis!”

    “Do you know that in the budget of the Finance Minister conspicuously and for deliberate reasons, no mention was made of petrol prices…. it has serious implications on the economy, the government conspicuously, deliberately chose to run away, you know why? Because 11 months down the line, the 14 cedis that we are complaining is getting to 21 cedis. I’m sure yesterday fuel prices were increased, every 2,3 weeks, fuel prices are going up, today taxi drivers, trotro drivers are all on the streets…”

    “This is the deceit that I am talking about, the deliberate lying and falsehood they peddled in order to make the NDC look bad in their eyes and project the picture that when they come, the land will be flowing with milk and honey…that they will put more money in our pockets, indeed today, they’ve taken the little money we had in our pockets away”.

    According to him, God allowed for the NDC to lose the elections to vindicate them of all the accusations of incompetence and insubordination Ghanaians had thrown at them during their term in office.

    “I believe that God in his infinite wisdom sees what human beings cannot see, no matter how tall a human being is, you can be as tall as a ladder, you can’t see tomorrow, it’s only the Almighty Allah who can see tomorrow, so maybe in his infinite wisdom, he wants Ghanaians to appreciate President Mahama better.”

    “When the NDC was in power, many things were taken for granted”, he said.

    Speaking on the flagship Free SHS program which kicked off in September this year, Alhaji Fuseini said government is sparking an apartheid system in the secondary schools such that heads and school authorities are being coerced into being ‘silent’ over the challenges the policy has posed at them.

    “Because the monies paid and the inability of the monies to meet the feeding needs of the schools….there is a very terrible thing happening in the schools….ask most of the parents who have their wards in first year, they constantly send foods to their wards….today many of the headmasters have been petrified, the threat they issued to them, is that if you want your job, go back to your job and don’t ask questions so many of them are seeing problems that are inimical to their schools and they cannot talk for fear that they may be sacked……”