NPP petitioned to sanction Bawumia ‘Boys’ for breaching constitution

    Some members within the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Ashanti Region, have petitioned the Disciplinary Committee to sanction the Chief of Staff at the Office of the Vice President, Fred Oware, the Regional First Vice Chairman, Kwabena Senkyire and some members from the camp of Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, for breaching some portions of the party’s constitution.

    According to the group led by Michael Awotwe, Mr. Oware and Mr. Senkyire, as well as their team members, have been caught on tape sharing monies to electoral coordinators and constituency chairmen during one of their meetings to influence them to support the presidential bid of Dr. Bawmia.

    The group indicated that the behaviour put out by Fred Oware and Kwabena Senkyire, is a breach of Article 3 Section 5 (4) and Article 4 (7a) of the NPP constitution and that it is in contravention of the code of conduct for the 2024 Presidential and Parliamentary Primaries.

    “The New Patriotic Party (NPP) on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, in accordance with Article 18 of the NPP Constitution formulated a new code of conduct to guide members of the Party in respect of the Presidential and Parliamentary primaries for the 2024 Elections.

    “The regulations, amongst others, mandates party members prior to the opening of nominations for the primaries for the 2024 General Elections, not to initiate early gatherings camouflaged as activities or meetings which have the tendency of promoting the interest of a prospective presidential or parliamentary candidate, and also, cautions members of the NPP to desist from using their public office or portfolios within or outside the party to promote the interest of any prospective Presidential of Parliamentary Candidates in order to gain unfair political advantage.

    “However, on the contrary, some members of the Campaign team of Dr. Bawumia, led by Mr. Fred Oware, have been captured in an audio message and a video footage, defying these directives in the Ashanti Region and this, we want to bring to the attention of the National Complaints Committee, General Secretary and the National Executive Committee of the NPP,” the group wrote in the petition copied to the National Executive Council (NEC).

    It continued, “We believe this infraction committed by the Campaign Team of Dr. Bawumia is certainly a deliberate attempt to disregard the Constitution of the Party and an abuse of Power.”

    “We are therefore, petitioning the National Executive Committee and the National Complaints Committee through the General Secretary to as a matter of urgency investigate and bring finality to this matter. We are also of the firm hope and believe that, the appropriate disciplinary sanctions will be taken against Mr. Fred Oware, Mr. Kwabena Senkyire and the culpable members of Dr. Bawumia’s Campaign team who embarked on such flagrant breach to the NPP’s Constitution in the Ashanti Region,” it stated.

    It added, “We hope that our petition would be given the necessary consideration and the offenders sanctioned to deter others from embarking on the same conduct.”




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