Greetings to the people of Banda constituency and the entire Region.

The bid of Hon. Paul Baffoe to becoming the candidate of the New Patriotic Party for Banda constituency is premised on a singularity of purpose just as the pyramid has a single summit.

The purpose is the perfect alignment of everyone who shares the ideas of the New Patriotic Party thus to retain power and to conquer new constituencies of which the Banda constituency is not an exception but the rule.

Fellow Patriots, the journey of Banda constituency, NPP has been long and the moment to grasp the Parliamentary seat with both hands is now and the extraordinary potential of the constituency needs to be tapped and the surest bid is Hon Paul Baffoe.

He would be bringing to the fore a coherence leadership that shall provide a sense of direction, focus, unity, legitimacy and forward momentum for the constituency.

Additionally, he would be catalysing and stimulating the energy and enthusiasm of the party grassroots that have tirelessly toiled for the party and the constituency.

He has always been a mirror reflection of commitment and would create a widespread sense of personal responsibility for the forward match of the party and the constituency as well as the country.

He is a capable brand and has what it takes to develop and devise strategies that will be promoting the effectiveness and efficiency of the rank and file of the New Patriotic Party in the constituency.

#Coherence leadership
#Catalysing leadership
#Committed leadership
#Capable Leadership.