NPP’s Gabby Okyere Darko falls in love with Black Sherif ‘Kwaku The Traveler’ song, see what he said

    ‘Kwaku The Traveller,’ the first song of Black Sherif as far as the year 2022 is concerned is still captivating the attention of music lovers across every space in Ghana and beyond.

    The song which was released almost 7-days ago has hit over 1m views on YouTube and is making giant strides across other digital platforms.

    Beyond that, it has achieved mainstream relevance in ‘almighty’ Nigeria after it pegged at the number one spot on their top 100 songs on Apple Music.

    Moreover, Ghanaian politician and lawyer, Gabby Okyere Darko has used his Twitter platform to praise the young rapper and singer for breaking boundaries wit the song.

    Days after Sherif released his aforementioned latest single, he has earned rave reviews from connoisseurs, colleagues, and fans from Ghana and Nigeria.

    To this end, Dandizzy who is widely considered the best freestyler in Africa says Sherif’s immense talent makes him more of a Nigerian than a Ghanaian.

    He then added that if Ghanaians cannot harness his creativity, Nigerians are on standby to do that.

    “Black sheriff is Nigerian!!! Ghana una no fit handle this kind talent leave am for naija,” he posted.

    His comment is purely an epithet to celebrate Black Sherif’s talent and not the fact that Nigerians are better than Ghanaians as people are ignorantly interpreting his statement.




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