Okomfuor Koleege loses pregnant wife and child at the labour ward


    Sad news coming in reports the death of the wife and child of Okomfuor Koleege.

    The devastating news was first broken by Oteele who was speaking in a short video with award-winning YouTuber ZionFelix.

    The scanty reports surrounding the heart-wrenching news claim that Okomfuor Koleege’s wife lost her life while delivering at the labour ward and the child also didn’t make it.

    Currently, some movie stars have stormed his house at Bremang in Kumasi to sympathise with him.

    Okomfuor Koleege’s wife is said to be a nurse who worked at one of the big hospitals in Kumasi.

    She will be laid to rest on 17th December 2022 at Taabre in Kumasi.