Stop making street boys accusations – Journalist warns Okudzeto


    Broadcast Journalist with Multimedia Group Limited (MGL), Nana Adjei Oberempong has criticised the Former Minister for Education, Honourable Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa to stop making street boys accusations and provide empirical evidence to support his claims or spare Ghanaians the political noise.

    He made this statement on Thursday 21st December 2017, on a Whatsapp platform called Oberempong CP fun base. He said that, with regards to the Brouhaha surrounding the Trade Ministry and the Presidency ‘Paying $100k only to sit with the President.

    According to the Multimedia News Caster, “It is sometimes eritating to hear some of our knowledgeable and nation builders who many people look up to in the society swimming in political gutters probably for political score.
    I without any malice think that Mr Okudzeto Ablakwa must stop the “street boys” accusations and and add more substance(evidence) to his claims if not for himself at least for the dignity of the honorable to be protected.
    The distinction between a “street accusation” and “honourable accusation ” is concrete evidence since our honourable Members of Parliament command a lot of deserved respect and authority which the constitution recognises so if a street boy alleges without evidence and a respectable and constitutionally recognised law maker for the nation (MP ) also makes same sweeping allegations and accusations it becomes highly unfortunate and disgraceful to the people your represent, the parliament and the nation at large.

    I have always been an enemy to corruption and will continue to be but it annoys my so much when some of our honourable members of the parliament of the Republic reduce themselves to baseless unsubstantiated, accusations and allegations against opponents only to occupy space in the media.
    I believe strongly that Mr. Ablakwa will do Ghanaians a great good if he could authenticate his corruption allegations against the ministry of trade and industry of charging people exorbitant amount of Ghana Cedis and United States of America dollars before allowing people to meet the president and or for business transaction with international partners.
    If he could do that then Ghanaians will praise him then adopt the fight from him as Ghanaians to protect our public purse and save the skin of our country from international disgrace and embarrassment.
    But if Ablakwa thinks he has not evidence but is just making waves out of deliberate lies and political propaganda then he should spare us because Ghanaians are focused.”

    Carlos Ahenkro who is also the MP for Tema West had interrupted an interview Ablakwa was granting to journalists over accusations that the Trade Ministry charged expatriates to sit with the president at an awards ceremony.

    The minority had accused the ministry of charging between 25,000 and 100,000 dollars to offer them seats close to the president.

    Deputy Minority Chief Whip, Muntaka Mubarak during the approval of the Trade and Industry Ministry’s budget said the fees charged at the Ghana Expatriate Business Awards were not approved by Parliament. He said monies collected were also not accounted for in the ministry’s internally generated funds.