Old Vandal ‘killer’ has never been our student – Legon VC


    The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Prof. Ebenezer Owusu Oduro, has said that the suspect in the murder case involving a former resident of Commonwealth Hall is not a student of the school whether past a present.

    He has since advised the general public not to associate the incident with current students of the school.

    Prof. Oduro Owusu expressed his condolence to the family of the late Martin Tweneboah Kodua, who was stabbed to death at Commonwealth Hall on Saturday evening.

    “It is unfortunate. We extend our condolences to the bereaved family. We are assisting the police to investigate the matter. We’ve also assured the community that lives of the students and lives of the people on campus are not in danger or in any way affected by the incident,” he said.

    Challenging claims that the incident occurred due to lax security on campus, the Vice-Chancellor said: “this has absolutely nothing to do with security on campus…we have ensured that there is maximum security.”

    He added that “This has nothing to do with students, they are not students. The hall management is trying to look at it. They are meeting and they are also doing their own investigations but no one should try and drag our students into this.”

    Status of suspect

    Many have claimed that the suspect is an old student of the University of Ghana and affiliated to Commonwealth Hall, thus the Old Vandals, hence his presence and active participation in almost all events of the Hall.

    However, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana says information available to him indicates that the suspect was never a student of the University.