Onion Sellers Association thanks Akufo-Addo for relocation to Adjen Kotoku

    Jubilant members of the Onion Sellers Association, who were recently moved from Agbobgloshie, have showered praises on President Nana Akufo-Addo for ensuring and facilitating their smooth and convenient relocation to Adjen Kotoku.

    Onion Sellers not long ago fiercely resisted initial attempts by the Minister for Greater Accra, Henry Quartey, to relocate them from the onion market at Agbobloshie, citing reasons of inconvenience and the absence of a ready market.

    Onion Sellers Association thank Akufo-Addo for relocation to Adjen Kotoku

    However, contrary to their fears, the group upon a visit to the place by the President as part of his tour of the Greater Accra Region, thanked and commended him for staying true to his word and meeting all the conditions prevalent to ensure a convenient and productive market for them.

    According to their Spokesperson, Osman Mohammed Seil, the assurances of their security and ready-market are what they are witnessing today, and believed that the Adjen Kotoku Onion Market has the potential of becoming the number one onion market in West Africa.



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