Only fools expect gov’t to build toilets for them – Kofi Oduro

    Founder and Leader of the Alabaster International Ministries Prophet Kofi Oduro has indicated that people who demand toilet facilities from the government are a bunch of useless people.

    To him, the government has bigger projects and programmes to commit to and therefore it’s worrying that the people in the country will expect that it provides toilet facilities for them.

    He believes that such needs can be provided through a concerted effort by the community and not the government.

    Prophet Kofi Oduro believes that it’s time citizens of the country take their lives into their hands and ensure that they also provide some basic needs and not burden the government with everything.

    “The media gives opportunity to people to talk and what they say is that they do not have public toilet facilities in their villages so the President should come and build a toilet facility for them. The President is suffering, so these people are waiting for the President to come and build a toilet facility for them. Fools who are in the village, if you won’t build a toilet facility for yourself, sit there and perish. All the men in the village can’t you organize communal labour and build a toilet facility for yourself?”

    On the current rise in the number of unemployed youth, Kofi Oduro noted that most youth are not engaged because they are lazy.

    He believes that the time they waste in betting and lottery could have been channeled into something productive but the youth do not want to suffer before they get so the numbers will never reduce.



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