Passionately Chase Your Dreams-Dreamline CEO To Female Architects

    The Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Dreamline furniture,Madam Nabiya Ayache has urged female architects to remain  determined in their career.

    Women have been urged to resist the fear of venturing into male dominated professions especially when they are driven by passion.

    According to the CEO,“Passion drives one into excellence and success, do not be afraid to venture into any productive activity or job because of the high number of men in a particular sector but rather be driven by determination and love for the job because that alone can launch you into successes. There is beauty in peculiarity.”

    The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dreamline Furniture, Madam Nabiya Ayache who gave the advise in an interview monitored by GhanaNewsPage recently stated that,”she focused on her passion for Architecture and continued to work hard despite the hurdles she faced along the line, to reach the height she has achieved so far.”

    She explained that her outfit, after more than three years of existence could boast of the successful completion of many contracts including more than 500 set of furniture, uncountable items and quite a good number of major projects among others.

    According to Madam Nabiya Ayache,” Dreamline Furniture was well known for its creativity when it comes to everything that had to do with wood, including customisation, luxury and high quality services.”
    “My gender has not prevented me from catching up with my male counterparts in this industry, from bathroom supplies, kitchen cabinet with variety of colours, materials and designs, wood terraces, decorative wall mouldings and renovations, I make sure I satisfy my customers,” she added.

    Madam Nabiya explained that she developed the passion for Architecture because her father was a carpenter and had since continued to give off her best on the field irrespective of the number of men in the Architectural sector.

    According to her, “the feeling of intimidation was what prevented many women from crossing certain occupational barriers and called for the frequent highlighting of opportunities for female economic empowerment within male dominated sectors in both the informal and formal sectors of the country.”

    Touching on the negative impact of COVID-19 on her activities, the Architect stated that though the pandemic brought some uncomfortable situations, Dreamline Furniture continued to offer its best saying “we are still thriving to offer the best of services to our clients despite everything.”

    In furtherance, Madam Nabiya advised the public, especially women, to ensure they set deadline for themselves while working hard to achieve their dreams.
    This, she said would enable them move quickly in life and make it easy for them to confidently overcome the challenges that might come their way.

    “Government has already created the enabling environment for female entrepreneurs to thrive in Ghana, adding that it was left with the women to be courageous enough to venture into any business irrespective of any gender related issues or obstacles,”she said.

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