Patapaa attacks Maame Dokono


    ‘One Corner’ hit maker, Patapaa has descended on legendary Actress Maame Dokono for condemning his song and asking that it be banned from the public space because it’s promoting promiscuity and killing the youth.

    Patapaa’s ‘One Corner’ has created several controversies with several individuals including Pastors and Prophets calling for it to be banned from the public space because it affects morals and bad for public consumption.

    But in a video reacting to calls for his music to be banned, Patapaa said he is tired with the constant calls from sections of the public and people of influence calling for a ban to be placed on his song.

    He indicated that he has suffered and hassled till he has gained his recognition and will not take it lightly with her for her comments about his song which for most of 2017 became the toast of many.

    He warned Maame Dokono to stay away from his case.