Patapaa knocks down two people with his brand new car


    One Corner’ hitmaker, Patapaa, has reportedly knocked down two people with his brand new Corolla car.

    The unfortunate incident happened on Monday afternoon at Opkonglo, near the University of Ghana.

    No one has been reported dead or severely hurt.

    In the picture available to us, one can see the 1-minute-celebrity, Patapaa looking very frustrated trying to explain himself.

    Blogger Shadrack Amonoo Crabbe, who was at the scene, shared the picture on Facebook saying:

    “In Other News: Patapaa has Just knocked two People Down with his Brand New Corrola, Second day of driving and you’ve knocked two People, Bra Tu Wobu Asi Oooo, Or Else Wob3ti Dwiiiiii”.