People good at insulting mostly get government appointments – Duncan Williams


    Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, General Overseer of the Action Chapel International Ministry has observed that the easiest way to get political appointment in Ghana in recent times is mastering the art of being loud and insulting your opponents on radio.

    According to him, persons who have over period gained notoriety at insulting their opponents on radio end up getting juicy  appointments and earning the title Honoruable with other benefits associated with it.

    Such persons after their appointments he added, are given cross country Landcruiser vehicles  and live a  lifestyle that is extremely difficult to maintain when their party or government exit power.

    “Today if you want to have a position in government in Ghana today you have to be loud, learn the skill of arguing on radio and you have to learn how to insult people and win argument on radio effectively for four years or eight years when your party come into power you will be given a position”.

    “You have security. You have a garden boy. You have two armed men, one in the morning and one in the evening. You have a diplomatic passport, you are travelling nations”.

    The Man of God said such politicians when out of power engage in blackmail, destructive criticisms instead of constructive criticisms because they want to be back into government to continue a lifestyle they have been introduced to which is hard to maintain in opposition.

    “They implicate their opponents, fighting in opposition to come back and trying to maintain a lifestyle he was not introduced to. They do everything to maintain that lifestyle because he has not passed through the process to earn what he is enjoying”, he added.

    He maintained that corruption in society is not peculiar to only politicians underscoring the need for it to be dealt with within various sections of society.