Philipa Baafi releases “Jesus Sweet Me Koolem”


    She is an ace female gospel musician in Ghana but her command over the “Nigerian English” while singing has placed her in a unique position in the gospel industry of Ghana and the globe.

    In the year 2004, she stormed the industry with one of the hottest gospel music in the country at the time with the same blend of the Twi and the “Nigerian English”, “I Am Blessed or “Me Ye Nhyira Ba” on the “Yesu Ye Me Last Stop” album.

    She then followed in 2006 with one of her all-time hit “I Go Dance” which indeed was the toast of every event including night clubs, even though it was a gospel music.

    Then again in 2007, she came out with “Go High” which also was a blend of Twi and English and took the whole country spell bound.

    Since then she has churned out other hits such as Nkwa, “Dee Eba Wonsem Afe Yi”, “Me Gye Me Din” among others but fans were still yearning for her uniqueness.

    The sensational gospel icon Philipa Baafi has done it again with the blend of the Twi and the Nigerian English.

    This time, “Jesus Sweet Me Koolem” repeats and confirms that even though she speaks the English and Twi fluently, when it comes to singing, no Ghanaian musician can do it better in Nigerian way than her, making her unique.

    Jesus Sweet Me Koolem” basically talks about the fact that in times when nothing seems to be working for you and you are down to nothing; that is when the good LORD JESUS mysteriously comes to your aid.

    It relates to every individual and every aspect of ones’ life.

    The danceable rhythm of “Jesus Sweet Me Koolem” should keep one on his/her toes dancing until they are tired on every occasion.

    Already, “Jesus Sweet Me Koolem” has begun enjoying airplay in a section of the radio stations across the country and other public places.

    Her fans and gospel music lovers can get copies of the seven-track album in all the music shops across the country.

    Other danceable, inspirational, motivating and interesting songs on the “Jesus Sweet Me Koolem” album are “Mede Be Ma Wo, which featured Fred Oware Jnr, Awurade Nim Ne Mma, Pampee and Medi Yie”.

    Philipa Baafi did not end there; she is giving music lovers and her fans two bonus tracks, namely, “Aden Na Wosu and Ekaa Kakraa Bi” for the Christmas and beyond.