Lynx Entertainment signee, Kuami Eugene, has taken to his Instagram account to flaunt a very fair and fine babe and many have concluded already that, that’s his girlfriend.

The duo could be seen all closed up…with the mystery lady wearing a mild smile.

Photo below:

kuami eugene girlfriend

There and then, some female fans of Kuami Eugene got angry. Some are of the view that Kuami Eugene must marry from home not to go for one “yellow-sisi”.

Others are also of they view that they really look good together. So Kuami Eugene should do ‘wild’ and marry her.

Comments below:

My first relationship lasted for 3 months – Kuami Eugene

Kuami Eugene, has revealed that his first breakup was just 3 months after he started a relationship.

The breakup affected his life because he invested all his time and love in the relationship and was willing to go the extra mile to keep it going.

His ex-girlfriend apparently is in the entertainment industry he disclosed but was unwilling to go further in disclosing her identity for reasons that it is exclusive information.

He revealed that though the relationship lasted only for a short period, the love they shared was intense and the bond strong.

The line in his hit song ‘Angela’ “Ebi car you want I go hustle o” was actually a coined message for his ex to show the extent he was willing to go to make her happy.

Despite his many efforts, fate didn’t allow for their love to go beyond 3 months as some other ‘unforeseen forces’ apparently were creating “confusion” between them.

After a ‘broken heart’ he says he is focusing all his time, and energy on his career, and at the right time, he would start dating when he meets someone and the “vibe” is right.