A Kenyan man is in mortuary—he committed suicide, according to reports sighted on venasnews by GhanaNewsPage.Com.

Villagers in Mulologo woke up to a shock of their lifetime after discovering Musyoka’s body hanging from a mature tree.

Musyoka,whose passion for betting is enormous, had earned Ksh 15,000 after toiling for 30 days.

On Wednesday he decided to multiply the cash.

Known well that Juventus defeated Manchester United away, he was cock sure this time that they will humiliate the Red Devils on their pitch.

Musyoka walked majestically to his seat, deposited Ksh 15,000 into his account and placed a bet for Juventus—he was expecting Ksh 27,500 today morning.

At exactly 5 am, he woke up to check the congratulation message, only to find no message on his phone.

He thought his phone had a problem and immediately he restarted it.

Anxiety dominated to the extent of forcing him to confirm the result online…oh 1-2.

Musyoka took a robe and ended his life. Burial arrangements are in top gear.