PHOTO: Millionaire gets 12-inch-long black man’s p3nis


    A Taiwanese millionaire has just fulfilled one of his lifelong dreams after a successful penis transplant from a South African organ donor.

    Huy Xen Phang, a Taiwanese businessman who made his fortune in the real estate industry, had been waiting for 18 months before a suitable donor was found.

    The penis transplantation is not only the fourth such surgery performed in the world but also the biggest known to date because of the enormous size of the penis in question.

    “I am very proud of my big new penis, I don’t care if people know about it, it will only make them jealous,” Phang told reporters hours after the operation.

    “My wife always tease me about my tiny penis, now she will have big black cock,” he said laughingly.


    “My penis was very, very small, like most Asian people. Now I will have biggest black dick in all of Taiwan and China,” he added with pride.

    High requirements

    Dr. Andre van der Merwe of the Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa, admits it took 18 months until a suitable donor was found.

    “Usually we do transplants from dead bodies to living bodies but in this case, the donor is still alive,” he told the Cape Town Herald.

    “Mr. Phang was very specific the penis needed to be over 12 inches long, not an inch shorter,” he explained.

    “We ran ads in national newspapers and finally found a number of suitable matches for Mr. Phang with whom he arranged a financial agreement,” he added.

    A risky procedure

    Dr. Andre van der Merwe also warns that the procedure is expensive and not for everyone.

    “There are many risks involved, such as rejection of the organ by the body or surgical complications,” he admits.

    “There is also a period of adaptation, most people are not used to carrying such a heavy load,” he laughs.

    It is also recommended with a penis of this size to be careful during the first erections. One might become light-headed or even lose consciousness because of the blood transfer from the brain to the groin,” he adds.

    This is not the first transracial penis transplant as the same team of surgeons from the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Tygerberg Hospital successfully transplanted a white penis on a black man who had lost his penis during a botched circumcision 17 years earlier.