PHOTO: Train derails at Tesano; scores injured


    An Accra-bound train from Nsawam has left some passengers injured after it derailed at Tesano on Monday morning.

    It is unclear yet what caused the train to derail.

    Details are scanty on the accident, but the injured according to reports, have been sent to an unnamed hospital.

    The injured persons according to an account by an eyewitness, were assisted out of the train by some police recruits from the Tesano Police Training School, who were on their normal training routine.

    In February 2015, there was a similar train accident also at Tesano, where part of the train disentangled from the remaining coaches.

    The state of Ghana’s rail lines/coaches

    The Accra-Nsawam shuttle serves thousands of commuters to and from the capital on a daily basis, making at least four trips, but is largely considered a death trap.

    It is the most convenient mode of commuting for most people living in Accra and Nsawam, especially, traders who convey farm produce and processed food from Nsawam to Accra each day.

    But the state of the country’s rail tracks, and even the trains themselves, put passengers at risk.