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PHOTOS + VIDEO: Afia Pokua ‘Vim Lady’ donates INCUBATOR and MEDICAL SUPPLIES to Nsawam Hospital


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Following a news story on Adom TV over the plight of newly born premature babies at the Nsawam Government hospital which was exposing many new borns to death, Afia Pokua’s Vim Foundation in partnership with Elit Imports and Exports has donated an incubator and medical supplies to the hospital.

Speaking during the presentation, Ms Pokua popularly known as Vim Lady says the hospital is under pressure considering the wide area they serve.

She further praised the young medical staff of the hospital who selflessly work extra hours in order to save patients.

The donation, the firebrand presenter said, is part of her strategy to encourage other people to do more beyond complaining about situations.

She used the occasion to call on leadership to encourage those working in deprived communities to stay and do more by prioritizing their needs above all else.

Medical supplies like BP monitors, infusion bottles, syringes and toys for the children’s ward were also donated to make work more convenient for staff in the hospital.

Receiving the items, senior staff nurse in charge of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Sophia Fianko Sime and Staff Midwife in charge at the time, Janet Mintah, expressed their profound gratitude to team Vim foundation and its partners for contributing the hospital.

Madam Sime said the hospital currently have four active incubators but insisted they needed more help as the number of patients have been increasing by the day. Patients, they can not take of are referred to other hospitals.

She said they are not discouraged by the pressure and sacrifice of work, pledging to do their best to ensure every life is saved.

She appealed for baby clothing and other material things to support needy babies and their parents who come to the facility.

Source: Vim Foundation


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