PHOTOS: Apprentice burns Mitsubishi 4×4 pick up in an attempt to weld it

    A welder apprentice has burnt to ashes, a Mitsubishi 4×4 pick up after attempting to weld parts of the skid plate at Awutu Bereku.
    According to news reports, he touched the fuel tank with fire which set the car ablaze.
    Reports indicate the vehicle was sent to the workshop for repairs Saturday and got burnt Sunday, August 21, 2022.
    The master of the shop, according reports didn’t go to work Sunday.
    Those closer to the scene said they saw the welder working under the car but only realised the vehicle was in flames.
    Residents and passersby tried dousing the flame with water but to no avail.
    Nana has also been reporting that those around didn’t call the Fire Service but tried quenching the flame on their own.
    It took about an hour for the car to burn completely.
    The owner of the shop was speechless when he got to the scene.



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