In order to gain public sympathy and possibly money and other property through harassment or brutalities by either a police officer or staff as it happened to a customer of the Midland Savings and Loans at Shiashie in Accra, a female customer of the Adabraka branch of the First Allied Savings and Loans Limited in Accra slept at the banking hall overnight on Thursday August 2, 2018.

38-year-old Doris Agyemang slept with just a piece of cloth on the floor at the banking hall in the process of not receiving her deposit.





But police officer and staff of the bank refused to wake her up when it was time to close for the day in order not to repeat the brutality which a police officer meeting out on women and her toddler in a banking hall of the Midland Savings and Loans Shiashie branch in Accra.

It would be recalled that a police officer, Lance Corporal Frederick Amanor Skalla who was on duty at the Midland Savings and Loans Shiashie branch was caught on video brutalizing a 32-year-old customer, Patience Sarfo.

In Bolga in the Upper East Region, for instance, some aggrieved customers said: “the most annoyed part of it is that they give us, the customers, GHS100 every day”.

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“How can I have GHS10,000 and I want to withdraw GHS5,000, only for the bank to be giving me GHS100 every day”, a customer said.

Customers who trooped to the Takoradi branch were also turned away while customers of the Assin Fosu branch in the Central Region had to stage a demonstration on Friday to demand their monies.

The situation at the Abossey-Okai branch was no different as most of their customers have already petitioned their leaders to prevail on the management of the Savings and Loan Company to make their monies available to them.

Narrating what transpired at the Adabraka branch of the First Allied Savings and Loans Limited to PrimeNewsGhana, Doris Agyemang said she has saved for the past years but for about a month now, any time she goes to the banking hall to withdraw money, she is told there is no money.

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She said the situation has affected her business to the extent that she has no goods to sell again.

Doris Agyemang added that on Thursday, August 2, she had no money on her so she decided to visit the banking hall to make a withdrawal but she was told there was no money.

She explained that she decided not to go home without the money because she had nothing on her so she sat on the floor of the savings and loan and in the process, fell asleep.

Doris Agyemang added that when it was time for the savings and loan to close, they did not wake her up but rather, locked the banking hall, leaving her inside.

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The businesswoman said the staff of the savings and loan opened the banking hall at around 7:30 am on Friday, August 3, 2018, before she was able to get out of the place.

She, therefore, promised to withdraw her money before she leaves the place.