Photos: Married lovers dead after sex in a car


    Few days ago, we brought you reports about the lovers who were found dead inside a vehicle while having sex, in the Ogba area of Lagos state on Sunday, October 29, 2017.

    Here’s an update, alongside photos of the lovers, who have since been identified as Olowo Lukman Olayinka and Nse Promise Nnena. Apparently, they lived in the same compound owned by Olayinka’s father while he was also a close friend of Nnena’s husband.

    This is how City Rovers reported the update:
    “The early hours of Sunday, the 29th of October, 2017, witnessed a mild drama around Abisogun Leigh Street in Ogba, Ikeja area of Lagos, where two supposedly lovers, Olowo Lukman Olayinka and Nse Promise Nnena, were found dead inside a Toyota Corolla car.
    The man and his alleged mistress, said to be a married woman with kids, were believed to be engaging in sex when the sad incident occurred.
    But, according to the new information gathered, the lovers may not have died of voodoo or exhaustion as many have been peddling since the unholy discovery was made.

    A new finding, however, revealed that the faulty Air Conditioner in the car may have been the cause of the death of the alleged lovers.
    Findings reveal that if the mechanical functions of the car are not up to standard, the chances of a leakage of the car’s exhaust into the vehicle’s cabin while a person is snoozing could increase the risk of suffocation as it would decrease the oxygen level inside the car.
    The main thing to watch out, we gathered, is the accumulation of carbon monoxide which can be caused by a leak from the exhaust.
    Carbon Monoxide is noted to be poisonous to the blood, but an increase in CO levels in the car could actually compromise the amount of oxygen reaching the blood.

    This, in turn, results in the blood carrying more carbon monoxide which ultimately leads to a shock or in severe cases sudden death.
    In fact, even in the case of a car with a well-working AC system, the air circulation in closed spaces can be compromised. Even if the air circulates in and out of the car, it’s still not enough for someone breathing air in a closed space.
    Additionally, some of the air gets entrapped in the circulation process, thus causing the level of carbon monoxide to increase and the oxygen level to decrease.
    Although the duo were reported to have driven to an area behind the Nigeria Institute of Journalism [NIJ], to engage in sex, however, contrary to the belief that she was happily married, the husband was about dissolving the marriage and tomorrow is the new date for the court to hear the divorce matter further.
    The young Romeo on the other side worked with the licensing office and he is well known around the area he met his death.

    It was passers-by that saw them, in the car with the engine still running with the air conditioner still blowing indicating they did not die of suffocation.”
    Meanwhile, here are three more details about the adulterous lovers by Encomium;
    1. There have been speculations that the lover may have lodged in a hotel the previous night before their death and when the hotelier found out they were dead, decided to convey them to the spot they were found the following morning without any trace, in a bid not to implicate the management.
    2. The deceased man is said to be an official of the Lagos State Environmental Maintenance Agency (LASEMA) and he’s been identified as Olowo Lukman Olayinka. His wife is said to be nursing a baby.
    3.The deceased woman, Nse Promise Nnena, is from Calabar and a mother of four kids. But some said she has not had a child yet and in the process of divorcing her husband.