A retired Prisons Officer known as Clement Attipoh, has been found dead in a well near his home in Ho in the Volta regional capital.

The deceased, aged 65, lived in Ho Fiave, and was found dead by some youth in the area after he couldn’t be found midnight on Tuesday.

He was found on the dawn of Wednesday.

Speaking to Citi News, the widow Rose Attipoh, indicated that her late husband was in good condition until they went to sleep in the evening.

She said she woke up around 1:00am to realize that Mr. Attipoh was not beside her on the bed.

“I woke up at about 1:00am and didn’t find my husband beside me. I was wondering where he went to since his chamber pot was in the room. I observed his Wellington boot was not in the room as well. I looked in the entire neighborhood but didn’t find him, I became very worried. My son came asking for a cutlass to go search for him, he went with some neighbors, it was about 4:00am. They returned with news they had found his slippers and torchlight adding he’s dead in a well” she said.

She noted that the deceased had been suffering a stroke for more than a year, but his condition had improved significantly recently.

A neighbor, Emmanuel Dogbatse, who works as a taxi driver said they found the slippers of the deceased and a torchlight beside the well while searching for him.

The well in which Mr. Attipoh was found He said the sight prompted them to intensify their search around the area and they later found him in the well.

They invited the Fire Service to help them remove his corpse from the well since it was impossible for them to do that on their own.

“I returned from my taxi work at dawn and received news the deceased had left home in the night. We quickly mobilized to look for him. Fortunately when we got here, we saw his slippers and torchlight at the side of the well. We realized he was in the well dead but we had no means of removing the corpse. The Fire Service was of help after we placed a call to them. Looking at the corpse we don’t think he died out of drowning neither was there any injury on his body. Only God can tell what led to his death, because his house is also far from here”.

According to the residents, Mr. Attipoh is the third person to have been found dead in that well in recent times.

The residents have appealed to authorities of the Ho Municipal Assembly to destroy the well due to the developments, although it is a source of water for them especially during the dry seasons.

It remains unclear if the deceased was murdered or he mistakenly fell into the pit.

Meanwhile, authorities of the Fire Service have promised to collaborate with the Municipal Police to investigate the matter.

The body was then moved to the Ho central mortuary.

Source: Citinewsrom