PHOTOS: Saviour Praiz 2017 kicks off in grand style


    The maiden edition of the first ever praise, worship and choreography festival kicked off in grand style at the auditorium of the Mandela Central Assembly of the Church of Pentecost in New Weija (SCC).

    Dubbed Saviour Praiz, the event brought together several musicians, choirs, choreography and drama groups which engaged in amazing performances to herald the birth of the Saviour, Jesus Christ.

    The event which was hled on the night of 24th December, 2017 was well patronised by mostly the youth in and around New Weija, Weija, Bortianor, Ayigbe Town, West Hills Mall and several adjoining communities.

    Saviour Praiz 2017 witnessed electrifying performances by various Youth Choirs of the Church of Pentecost in the New Weija District and beyond.

    Prominent among the choirs were the Mandela Youth Choir, the Open Heavens Choir and the New Aplaku District Choir.

    These choirs took turns to sing various carols, praise as well as worship songs to thrill the ecstatic audience that filled the auditorium.

    The climax of the much publicized show was when the energetic youth from the Mandela Youth Choir, which hosted the event mounted the stage to perform.

    For more than 30 minutes, the energetic choir displayed to the audience their singing ability by performing various renditions of local as well as foreign Christmas songs.

    The sing alongs that characterised their performance made them the toast of the audience which had made attending the event a priority.

    Clad in all white attire with kente scarf around their necks, the choir showed why everyone interested in praise ahd worship events ought to spend quality time to watch them.

    The Guest Choir, Open Heavens Choir from the West Hills Worship Centre of the Church of Pentecost were equally good at the singing of various carols.

    The largely youthful audience at the event had to stand still for more than five minutes as the Mandela Youth Ministry Choreography Group led by the versatile Anita Ashley performed to the Nii Okai’s Moko be.

    One move after the other, the group which wore white long sleeve shirts with pairs of black trousers to match and cloths tied to their waist gave meaning to the song to the admiration of the hundreds gathered.


    Individual talents

    There were exceptional performances from upcoming youthful musicians such as John Peasah of the West Hills Worship Centre, Sir Mmanuel from Adenta, and Ella from the Hill Side Assembly of the Church of Pentecost.

    Gospel Artiste, Lady Ophelia took the audience to a different level in worship and praise.

    The ecstatic audience trooped in their numbers to display various dancing moves. The Mandela Drama Group also performed to the admiration of all.

    New Weija District Pastor of the Church of Pentecost, Pastor Steve Millar, his wife, Fidelia and the Presiding Elder of the Mandela Central Assembly, Samuel Boadi who were the Guest of Honour were pleased at the performances of the youth in their district.

    The maiden edition of the festival, Saviour Praiz was sponsored by Real Jaguar Films, Ananse Media, owners of GhanaNewsPage.Com and AnanseGH TV (Youtube Channel).